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Product Liability Insurance: What Does It Actually Cover?

Coverage of a Product Liability Policy

Coverage called product liability insurance is one of the few insurance covers that are considered to be most vital in the commercial sector. This insurance coverage is vital for any product-related business due to the fact that it is designed to protect them and their business from claims, injuries, and defects due to the product they manufactured or sold. Product liability insurance coverage is...

Tips for Protecting Your Small Business from Liability with Product Insurance

Protecting Your Small Business from Liability with Product Insurance

Owning your own small business can be a very rewarding and satisfying accomplishment. It can also be extremely risky if you are providing a product for the public. Many times due to no fault of our own, someone may be injured by one of the products you manufactured or sold to a distributor or consumer. Just one lawsuit claim can ruin the business, that took you many years to grow and perfect...

How Could Product’s Law and Liability Affect Your Small Business?

Fire caused due to product defect

Staying in business is one good reason why your business needs products liability insurance coverage. If you are sued, you could lose everything, and it might not even be something your company produced! Product liability insurance is needed for all types of businesses, even if they are just a middleman. If a product you sell is involved in an accident that causes bodily injury or property...

Protect Your Business: Get Product Liability Insurance Coverage to Avoid the Risks!

Car Crash Due To Product Defect

Business risks are capable of easily destroying any type of business within a very short period. One of such risks is the product liability. This risk can have a very great impact on businesses, especially small business. Therefore, in order to ensure that your business is efficiently protected, it is important to get a product liability insurance coverage for the risk. A lot of business owners...

Any Products Manufactured That Contain Liability Risks Need to Be Protected

Product Risks

Selling products that are manufactured can be a great business but many don’t consider the liability risks associated with these products. A simple product liability insurance policy might be a great solution to this problem. Any reader of John Grisham must have read about a once poor, fresh out of law school guy that made a fortune defending the poor citizens from the jaws of desperate...

How to Get Product Liability Coverage That’s Suitable for Your Type of Business

Are you covered?

Product liability insurance has become more popular in recent times because of the inherent risks that manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of products are facing from various customers who consume or use their product. This type of insurance offers coverage to businesses that are involved in the supply of a product that causes some loss, or bodily injury, to the end user, or consumer, of...

How to Stay Safe from Product Related Lawsuits with Indemnity Coverage

Insurance Coverage

A product liability indemnity insurance policy covers claims and damages against third parties. The liability insurance policy protects the insured against the claims made against him by third parties seeking his responsibility towards victims to obtain compensation for the damage caused to them. Liability insurance is related to deliberate misconduct. In accordance with the provisions of the...

Disadvantages of Product Liability Coverage and How to Work around Them

Product Recalls

Most product manufacturers, distributors of products and product importers have defective product liability coverage in case their products or the products they sell in their business cause accidents, damages, injuries, or other types of losses to someone who buys or uses their product. Without good coverage, many small businesses would have had to shut down due to claims that consumers have made...

Product Liability Coverage and How It Could Help Protect Your Product Business

Dealing with Product Liability Claims

Product liability is not a joke. There are very real risks that should be considered if you manufacture a product, are a product distributor or just sell products. Coverage such as product liability insurance for small businesses is what helps to protect a product-based business in the event of claims that may arise from the manufacturing or sale of products. It generally involves coverage for a...

Wondering How to Buy the Best Product Liability Insurance Coverage?

Claims of Damage

If you remember the Toyota case a few years back, then you will be able to know the extent and effect of product liability on any business. In the world of massive global trade where millions of products are sold to consumers across the world, businesses are at risk of suffering a liability if and when a buyer or consumer of their products or even a third party claims some damage has been done to...