How to Choose the Best Real Estate School to Obtain a Salesperson License


The real estate courses, i.e. pre-license and post-license courses, are offered by many universities, colleges, and TREC Commission-approved real estate schools.

Local realtor associations and boards may also offer courses that meet the commission requirements, but they need to get permission first from the commission to offer the qualifying course.

Qualifying education providers such as and others may be found on the TREC website. These educational providers are categorized based on their performance, i.e. first-time pass percentages.

The average of each education provider’s first-time pass rate for the last two years as compared to the overall first-time pass rate of all the students who took the exam during the same period and is calculated monthly.

Depending on the pass percentage, the real estate schools are divided into 3 types:

1) Real estate schools with a first-time pass percentage of 80% or more of the average overall first-time pass percentage.

2) Real estate schools with a first-time pass percentage between 50% and 79% of the average overall first-time pass percentage.

3) Real estate schools with a first-time pass percentage below 50% of the average overall first-time pass percentage.

Commission education credit evaluation

To be acceptable by the commission, qualifying courses are suggested to be completed at the following types of schools:

  • College or university accredited by the appropriate regional governing body.
  • Professional trade association or real estate provider approved by the commission.
  • State associations of realtors.
  • Military or any other government organizations or other licensing agencies.

Verification of education requirements

When an applicant applies for an inactive sales agent license, there is no need to meet all the education requirements. Only a copy of the applicant’s transcripts and certifications should be sent along with the application.

The applicant can file the proof of completing the remaining required qualifying courses at a later date. The applicant has one year from the time the application is filed to complete the coursework and pass the exam.

Application Process

At any step in the process, the applicant must file an application with the commission for an inactive sales agent license in the prescribed form. A printable copy can be found on the website.

The application form can be submitted electronically to the commission or on a hard copy through the regular mail; this method may incur an additional $20 paper-filing fee.