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Product Liability Insurance: What Does It Actually Cover?

Coverage of a Product Liability Policy

Coverage called product liability insurance is one of the few insurance covers that are considered to be most vital in the commercial sector. This insurance coverage is vital for any product-related business due to the fact that it is designed to protect them and their business from claims, injuries, and defects due to the product they manufactured or sold. Product liability insurance coverage is...

Tips for Protecting Your Small Business from Liability with Product Insurance

Protecting Your Small Business from Liability with Product Insurance

Owning your own small business can be a very rewarding and satisfying accomplishment. It can also be extremely risky if you are providing a product for the public. Many times due to no fault of our own, someone may be injured by one of the products you manufactured or sold to a distributor or consumer. Just one lawsuit claim can ruin the business, that took you many years to grow and perfect...

How Could Product’s Law and Liability Affect Your Small Business?

Fire caused due to product defect

Staying in business is one good reason why your business needs products liability insurance coverage. If you are sued, you could lose everything, and it might not even be something your company produced! Product liability insurance is needed for all types of businesses, even if they are just a middleman. If a product you sell is involved in an accident that causes bodily injury or property...

Activities Requiring an Active Texas Real Estate License

Getting a Real Estate License

In the State of Texas, to perform real estate activities on another’s behalf for an actual or expected commission or any other valuable consideration, one must possess an active real estate license. The activities, which come under this category, are motioned below. 1) Selling, purchasing, exchanging or leasing the properties of real estate 2) Negotiating or attempting to negotiate the...

Protect Your Business: Get Product Liability Insurance Coverage to Avoid the Risks!

Car Crash Due To Product Defect

Business risks are capable of easily destroying any type of business within a very short period. One of such risks is the product liability. This risk can have a very great impact on businesses, especially small business. Therefore, in order to ensure that your business is efficiently protected, it is important to get a product liability insurance coverage for the risk. A lot of business owners...

Learn Who Texas Realtors Are and How to Reach Success in This Profession

Texas Real Estate

These days, phone numbers of good Texas realtors and real estate agencies are often given to friends and relatives as much as a referral to a good local doctor. With that said, no man or woman is born a realtor; it is necessary to take time to pass a serious training before a person becomes licensed and builds experience in the industry. There are schools that can train good realtors, but they...

A Look at Some of the Advantages and the Pitfalls of Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing

Knowing your market can be the most critical aspect of your investment plan. Just like when you saw a house that is being offered at an auction and it just worth one-third of the appraised value, this does not mean that it is going to be a good investment. Nearly 8 out of 10 Real Estate Investors with They Would Have Started Sooner Maybe the house needs an expensive repair, or it might need a new...

Master The Skills Of Becoming a Successful Realtor in Texas

Successful Realtor

Today, people rarely have time for searching for real estate on their own. They are ready to pay realtors and choose what they need among several offers. Being a realtor in Texas offers a relatively free schedule, good salary, and great career opportunities. Now, this profession is becoming one of the most popular, demanded and interesting. This is a great option for energetic, active people who...

Any Products Manufactured That Contain Liability Risks Need to Be Protected

Product Risks

Selling products that are manufactured can be a great business but many don’t consider the liability risks associated with these products. A simple product liability insurance policy might be a great solution to this problem. Any reader of John Grisham must have read about a once poor, fresh out of law school guy that made a fortune defending the poor citizens from the jaws of desperate...

How to Get Product Liability Coverage That’s Suitable for Your Type of Business

Are you covered?

Product liability insurance has become more popular in recent times because of the inherent risks that manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of products are facing from various customers who consume or use their product. This type of insurance offers coverage to businesses that are involved in the supply of a product that causes some loss, or bodily injury, to the end user, or consumer, of...